International Admission Requirements

Below is detailed information about the requirements for admission to the University of Evansville for different groups of students. Admission works on a rolling basis. Our application opens on August 1 for the following year, so we encourage students to apply early in their senior year to be able to get their admission decision, scholarships, and visa in order.

To allow you enough time to complete the student visa process in a normal year, we recommend that you complete your application by, at the very latest, June 1 for fall start students and November 1 for spring start students. We find it is a far better experience for students to apply early so that the preparation and visa process to get here is not rushed!

Follow the flow chart below to see what is required for your application to the University of Evansville!

All applicants need the following

  1. High school transcript (official document)
  2. Copy of the passport (photo page)

Follow either the Traditional or Test Optional pathway below:

Traditional Pathway
3. Official test scores received through one of our official delivery channels:

Most Majors: (submit ONE of the following)

  • TOEFL IBT (minimum of 61)
  • IELTS (minimum of 5.5)
  • SAT (minimum of 960)
  • ACT (minimum of 1%)
  • Duolingo (minimum of 90)
  • GTEC (minimum of 1080)

Engineering and Computer Science Programs:
(Submit proof for each bullet point)

  • SAT Math (minimum of 560) OR ACT Math (minimum of 25)
  • SAT Critical Reading and Writing (minimum of 560) OR ACT English (minimum of 23) OR TOEFL IBT (minimum of 70) OR IELTS (minimum of 6.0)

Nursing Major: (Submit proof for one of the following)

  • SAT (minimum of 1100) OR TOEFL IBT (minimum of 79) OR IELTS (minimum of 6.5)
Test Optional Pathway

3. A personal essay on one of the following topics of your choice: (250-500 words)

  • Describe an explain a book or movie that has had an influence on you.
  • Explain your thoughts on how the University of Evansville will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Share the impact of a significant experience, achievement, or dilemma you have faced.
  • Share about an individual who has had a significant impact on you and why.

Not required, but highly recommended documents for your application:

  • Two recommendation letters from different high school teachers.
  • A personal statement: This is an opportunity for students to set themselves apart. The personal statement is typically encouraged to students who have an outstanding circumstance that is not reflected elsewhere in your application. Students can present additional information that could be relevant to our application review and admission decision.

  1. Copy of the passport
  2. Official high school and university transcripts/diplomas/certificates
    1. If your undergraduate credit is not from the United States, you must also submit the following:
      1. Credit Evaluation: you must submit your documents to World Education Services (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) for an evaluation.
      2. Course descriptions: you must submit your course descriptions from your home university, certified translated if not in English.
  3. Standardized test scores
    1. If you have more than 29 undergraduate credit hours, test scores are not required unless you are in one of the below areas.
    2. Engineering, physical therapy, and nursing all have higher and particular requirements for standardized tests. See freshmen section above for details.
  4. Optional but encouraged: letters of recommendation
  5. Optional but encouraged: a personal statement, to present additional information about your circumstances and desire to study at UE, which we will use when we review your application.

After you are admitted to UE as an international transfer student, you will need to complete the SEVIS Transfer Form.

  1. Official copies of all certificates, diplomas, and transcripts sent from your undergraduate university

    1. If your undergraduate university was outside the US, you may be required to send a professional academic evaluation of university course work. The university accepts evaluations by the WES organization.
  2. Proof of English proficiency

    1. Official TOEFL Score report (minimum score of 79IBT); must be received directly from ETS
    2. Official IELTS Score report (minimum score of 6.5); must be received directly from IELTS
  3. GRE/GMAT results (at the discretion of the department chair)
  4. Two letters of reference from professors and goals
  5. A resume that reflects work history and goals
  6. SEVIS Transfer Form, Copies of I-20/DS-2019, and I-94 card (if transferring from another US school)

Almost all international students who are admitted to the University of Evansville will receive a merit scholarship comprised of an academic scholarship and housing scholarship. There is not a separate application for scholarships; we will review your application for both admission and scholarships. You will receive your scholarship amount with your admission decision and will then be prompted to show financial support documentation to cover your remaining costs before we can proceed with issuing the I20 for your F1 visa to the United States.

Codes to send your test scores to University of Evansville:

  • SAT: 1208
  • ACT: 1188
  • TOEFL: 1208

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