New Student Process

The housing process for new UE students begins after you send in your admission deposit. Your $100 housing deposit is included in your $300 admissions deposit.

Step 2: Apply for Housing

Starting in early March, any student who has paid their admission deposit will receive a message from the Office of Residence Life. This message will include information on how to access UE's online application materials for housing and meal plans on Self-Service (you will need your UE username and password that you previously set up).

Your online housing application offers choices among UE's residence halls, 甚至允许你请求你的室友. 如果你没有室友的话, 房间分配要等到六月SOAR课程结束后, 所以你有时间提出请求-或者, 你可以根据共同的兴趣和习惯来分配室友. View our residence halls.


  • 最终的房屋分配与建筑安置, room number, and roommate information will be available on Self-Service during the last week of June.
  • You will receive an email once housing assignments are uploaded to Self-Service.
  • If you are on a payment plan and are assigned to a hall that has a different rate or change your meal plan with a different rate, contact the 学生金融服务办公室 做任何必要的调整.
  • 新生入学信息 can be found here.


  • The director of residence life determines exceptions and modifications to housing policy. This includes, 但不限于空间分配, credit hour requirements, filling vacancies, temporary assignments, consolidations, gender assignments, disability accommodations, reserved housing, theme living, and contract cancellations.
  • 大学保留作出或更改分配的权利, assign a new roommate, or consolidate spaces at any point of the academic year based on the needs of the program. The University also reserves the right to cancel a housing contract for academic failure, non-payment for services, breach of contract, criminal behavior, or violation of rules of conduct and/or housing regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook, 在大学网站的住宿生活部分, 及其他由大学出版的资料.
  • 请查看您的住房和餐饮服务合同的更多细节.


  • Contact the Office of Residence Life if you have questions regarding residence halls, assignments, meal plans, 或者欧宝体育平台的其他方面.
  • Contact your Admission Counselor if you have difficulties logging into Self-Service.

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